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Welcome to our store

Hello, and welcome to The Spoonless Witch! We are a small store that hand makes all of our products, just for you. We make All-Natural Skincare, Jewelry, Prints of my very own photography, and I also do Tarot Readings as well. I would say that our skincare is really what our store revolves around; they are the best selling and most loved pieces of my store. The three best selling products overall are my Softening Jasmine Scrub, my Moisturizing Mango Butter Lip Balm, and my Aloe & Green Tea Sugar Scrub. I hope you enjoy looking around our store, and that you find something you like! We typically always have active coupon codes or sales, so check the top of the site or any of my social media to find one.

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Welcome to our new Holiday items

Check out all of the things that I've made for Christmas/Holiday Season! There are things that are festive and seasonal, and things that are not, but would make great gifts. All of the prices on my beaded non-gemstone jewelry has been SLASHED!! Use the code "XMASCHEER" for 15% off of your entire order!

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Check out these nice reviews from customers!

"Wonder Cream for Neck Pain/Tension"

I have chronic migraine that is coupled with severe neck pain and tension. I’ve been using this cream for about a week and it’s incredibly soothing and the scents are very pleasant and not over powering. I’ve absolutely noticed a reduction in the tension and pain and am so glad to have access to this product to have on hand.

-Alex T.

"Brenna is amazing!"

She was very thoughtful and took her time with the reading I ordered. Wrote everything in great detail and put it into words a novice like me could understand. Plus, she was responsive to my questions and wanted to know more about my story after the reading (which, the only info I gave her was names and birthdates, nothing else, and somehow the reading hit the nail on the head!).
I’ll definitely be consulting her again for any of my future tarot needs. I highly recommend her!

-Vanessa P.


"My crazy acne breakout cleared up after literally one use of this! Two uses and my skin is nearly perfect! Her skincare stuff is magick!"

-Ashley G.