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Gus's Peppermint Swirl Earrings

$12.00 USD

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These Peppermint Swirl earrings are just so cute and so very realistic, you feel like you could just eat them! I named them Gus's Peppermint Swirl Earrings, because my grandpa Gus ate these candies all the time! They were his favorite, and he was my favorite. I couldn't upload these without naming them after him. 

These earrings are centered around a big peppermint swirl bead, with a sparkling textured white bead above and below it, and a deep red bead on the outside of those. These earrings are on hypoallergenic stainless steel hooks for those of you who are sensitive or allergic to other metals, but even if you're not, they're just really comfortable!

These are part of my Holiday Collection, which has more new Christmas jewelry in it, so go check it out!