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Holiday Items

This collection is made up of all of my holiday products; from Mother's Day, all the way down to Christmas, I have something for almost every holiday/event! These items stay around all year at discounted rated on off-season. I have holiday tarot readings, earrings, jewelry sets, skincare (Gingerbread House Hair Butter anyone?) and holiday themed prints. These holiday items are beloved by customers, and I just love getting into the spirit of the holidays. I hope you love every holiday item I have!

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St. Patrick's Day Jewelry Collection
From $12.00 - $32.00
St. Patrick's Day Tarot Readings
From $10.00 - $35.00
Yule Tarot Readings - 5 Spreads
From $10.00 - $80.00
Birthday Tarot Readings
From $15.00 - $45.00
Pregnancy Tarot Reading
Mother's Relationship Tarot Reading
From $25.00 - $30.00
Valentine Lover's Earring & Pendant Set
Samhain Tarot Readings
From $17.00 - $95.00
Mabon Tarot Readings
From $10.00 - $80.00