Collection: Hypoallergenic Earrings

Hypoallergenic Earrings:

I know the pain of being allergic to metal, which is why when I started to sell earrings, I decided I would not only use the stainless steel hooks just for mine, but also on the earrings I sold too! I realized stainless steel is really hypoallergenic when I was constantly getting infections in my ear lobes by wearing traditional earrings containing nickel, but my nose ring that was made out of surgical steel (same thing as stainless steel) was not giving me any problems. Only one pair of my earrings has regular metals or nickel in them, and it's a pair that was given to me, so as long as you purchase a pair I've made myself, you'll never get an allergic reaction from my earrings. I've noticed while shopping for earrings for myself, that it is so hard to find hypoallergenic earrings in stores, even online! But if you purchase my earrings, you'll be able to wear cute earrings without a reaction, unlike other earrings that will irritate your ears. I love to make all kinds of earrings; earrings with gemstones, big earrings, fun spring earrings, retro earrings, earrings on the more simple side. I just love to create any type or style of earring; so, you'll see a range of different styles, as I love to experiment with different materials.

Non-hypoallergenic Earrings:

I do have one pair of earrings on here that are not hypoallergenic, those are my Pearl Studs. These are earrings that I have acquired, not made myself. Either way, I still hope you like them!