Collection: Powerpuff Girls Jewelry

Do you love the Powerpuff Girls?

Well, don't we all! I've now made gemstone rings for each girl, Bubbles, Blossom, and Buttercup! Each ring is a rough crystal wrapped with silver wire with colored wire matching it's crystal, and each Powerpuff Girl, wrapped around the band of the ring. 

Bubbles: Blue Quartz with bright blue wire around the band

Blossom: Rose Aura Quartz with hot pink wire around the band

Buttercup: Apple Aura Quartz with bright green wire around the band

If there is not a ring you want available in your size, you can custom order it by going to the drop down menu and requesting one in your size! You can order a ring in sizes 5 to 13. It will take a little longer to get a custom ring than it will to get a pre-made one, as it's being custom made just for you! You must remember that all crystals are different and not every ring ends up the same! 

I hope you all enjoy these!