Collection: Swirl Pendant Collection

This is a collection of pendants I've created, I call them "Swirl Pendants". They all have a swirl of two wires around the front, one of them being plain copper or silver wire, and the other side is the other half of that wire wrapped in a small gauge bright colored wire. There is; Apple Aura Quartz wrapped in copper and green wire, Rose Aura Quartz wrapped in silver and pink wire, and Hematite wrapped in copper and orange wire.

The Apple Aura Quartz pendant is also known as the "Lucky Pendant", because it has given good luck to many people - it even got one of my friends a job!

Here are two reviews on it:

  • From Ashley: "Her pendants are beautifully well made! I had amazing luck while wearing this pendy I love her energy!"
  • From Charmaine: "Let's talk about this pendant that Brenna gifted me. It's a pendant to bring good luck. And I have a lot of bad luck. I've been applying to jobs since December with no luck. Since getting this pendant, I've gotten an interview every week. Today, I got the job."