All About Tarot Readings; Reviews, Refund Policy, and more.

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***Tarot Reading Refund Policy***

Once you purchase a tarot reading it cannot be returned, refunded, or exchanged. The moment you buy a tarot reading it is yours, and you will receive it in no specific turnaround time. I am disabled and I help my dad with his home business, so I cannot commit 24/7 to my tarot readings, and if that upsets you then I'm sorry, but I do hope the quality of my readings makes up for the wait. It's sad that I had to add this clause to my refund policy, but people are always judging tarot readers for not pushing out our readings fast enough, but they fail to realize that we are humans too, with our own lives to live, and tarot readings take a lot of time and energy to do. I do appreciate those of you who wait patiently and give me nice comments no matter how long they've had to wait! You are good people and I wish there were more of you.

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Tarot Reading Specifics

Turnaround Time: Not Specified*

Length and Detail of Readings: I type up my tarot readings in Word and have been known to email buyers a 12-15 page document because I put so much information into their reading. Per card, I usually do two or three paragraphs, and sometimes do an extra message or two at the bottom. I also pull two Animal Spirit Oracle Cards and two Blessed Be Oracle Cards, and it may be more if some fall out while I'm shuffling, as that's a special message from the universe that you need to pay attention to! I do descriptions for all of those cards too; Blessed Be Oracle cards are always about one sentence, but the Animal Spirit Oracle cards are about three or four paragraphs. You also get a discount code at the end of your reading to use for your next order; valid for any item, not just tarot readings!

How You Receive Your Reading: Like I said in the last section, I type my readings up in a Word document. I then open a new email, attach your reading document, type in your email address (which is why I need your email address when you buy a reading!), and then I send it! Don't worry!! You don't need to have Word to open your document. If you don't have Word on your computer, it will just open as a webpage. It's almost exactly the same as the Word program, just in a webpage, so it's perfect for those of you who don't have the desktop program!

* My turnaround time is not specified because I am disabled, so I struggle with many health problems, but I also help my dad with his in-home insurance business, so I don't have 24/7 to donate to my readings, or even my own business in general.

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These are some of the tarot reading reviews that I have gotten on social media, mostly twitter, that aren't on the website already because they weren't submitted into my review system! (I didn't even have a website at the time!!) These are starting from when I first started selling my tarot readings online, in about early 2019, up to now. You can actually still see the timestamp on all the messages! Although now most of my reviews are on here, so these are all pretty old now, but they're definitely still worth reading if you're interested in purchasing my tarot reading services! I've added links from each review to the matching reading, just in case you're interested in buying one of the readings that you've read about! You can see all my newer reviews here. There's reviews for all of my items in there, so you'll have to look through for the tarot reading reviews.

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Connect with your Spirit Guide Tarot Reading Review:

Connect with your Spirit Guide Tarot Reading Review

Full Life Tarot Reading Review:

Full Life Tarot Reading Review

Full Life Tarot Reading Review:

Full Life Tarot Reading Review

Full Life Tarot Reading Review:

Full Life Tarot Reading Review

Soulmate Tarot Reading Review:

This reading is currently not available on my website, but it will be listed soon!! For now, you could get a Relationship Tarot Reading or a Manifesting a Soulmate Reading.

Spirit Guide Tarot Reading Review

You can see all of my tarot readings here:

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You can send me a message if you'd like to request a tarot reading that I don't currently have on my website, and I guarantee I can find any tarot spread to fit your needs, or if you'd like to ask questions about my tarot reading services.