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Lucky Pendants - Apple Aura Quartz Swirl Pendant

Lucky Pendants - Apple Aura Quartz Swirl Pendant

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This is a Lucky Pendant, also known as an Apple Aura Quartz Swirl pendant. It's called a lucky pendant because everyone who's received one of these pendants has gotten good luck the minute they put it on, shown in the reviews below. This pendant is made of a rough apple aura quartz crystal, which is wrapped in your choice of either copper or silver wire. Half of that wire is wrapped in small gauge green wire to match the green gemstone, while the other half is just bare copper or silver wire. These wires are wrapped around the pendant in a "swirl" design, which is why I call them "Swirl Pendants". They also come with a free black necklace cord! 

From Ashley: "Her pendants are beautifully well made! I had amazing luck while wearing this pendy I love her energy!"

From Charmaine: "Let's talk about this pendant that Brenna gifted me. It's a pendant to bring good luck. And I have a lot of bad luck. I've been applying to jobs since December with no luck. Since getting this pendant, I've gotten an interview every week. Today, I got the job."

Charmaine again: "That pendant you sent? Said that it brought your friend luck? Well, I haven't taken it off since I got it. Before I got it, I had been applying to jobs all around my area, but had no luck. Not even phone interviews. I put it on? Interviews pretty much every week. And today? I GOT THE CALL! I GOT A JOB WHERE I WANTED!"

All crystal jewelry is infused with positive energy.

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