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Celtic Knot Flowers Bracelet & Earrings Set

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 This Celtic Knot Flowers Bracelet & Earrings Set is made up of three pairs of earrings and a small bracelet. The earrings have two bronze Celtic knot beads with a shimmery light green bead in between them, which matches the light green flower charm dangling at the bottom. The hooks I use to make my earrings are made of hypoallergenic stainless steel, as are the clip-ons, and I also supply you with latex-free rubber stoppers to go on the back of your earrings (hooks only of course) to prevent them from slipping out of your ears.

The bracelet is 6 1/2 in. around, so it is suitable if you have a smaller wrist, as I don't believe I have enough beads to make it larger. The bracelet is made with the same bronze Celtic knot beads as the earrings, alternating with shimmering green beads. (a different green bead than used in the earrings) The green beads are all the same size as the Celtic knot beads, except for a larger version of the same green bead, two beads on opposite sides of the bracelet; one on each end. The bracelet is made with stretchy crystal string, so it can stretch to fit a bit of a larger sized wrist, but I wouldn't recommend trying to stretch it too much.

You can wear these light green Celtic Knot earrings even if your ears aren't pierced, as clip-ons are available! The clip-ons aren't pictured, as all these earrings are currently on hooks, but can be changed to clip-ons as needed. These earrings and all other items on my website are available for pickup at my shop in Brooklyn, CT, especially seeing it's so close to St. Patrick's Day!

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