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Faux Pearl Art Deco Crystal Necklace

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This is another lovely piece of jewelry from the collection of Jen's Jewelry, which means that it's vintage! This necklace is 13" 1/2' long. (including the dangling piece at the bottom of the necklace) The chain and small piece of décor at the bottom are both gold colored; but I'm not sure if it's nickel free, or what other properties it may be. There are faux pearls strung on the necklace, which give it a vintage, classy feel, even though the pearls are fake. It looks so fancy and pretty, you won't even care that the pearls aren't real! At the very bottom of the necklace, there is a clear crystal bead, right below a unique gold décor piece. It's a perfect statement piece, especially if you wear a low cut top, so the focus will be on that beautiful, sparkling pendant you're wearing!