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Lavender Bath Salt

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This Lavender Bath Salt can also be used as a relaxing foot soak! It has Epsom salt in it, which reduces inflammation which therefore reduces pain. It also has Himalayan salt in it, which is the best crystal for self-love, and what better way to absorb self-love than to soak yourself in it! All salts are cleansing, so bathing in it will remove negative energies that may be with you. With one of the main ingredients, lavender essential oil, you are instantly soothed and brought to a relaxed and sleepy state. All of the ingredients combine to make the most relaxing bath you've ever taken- and when you get out, your skin will be softer and you'll be in less pain than before!

Ingredients: Epsom Salt, Sea Salt, White or Pink Himalayan Salt (depends on what I have), and Lavender Essential Oil.