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Manifesting a Soulmate Tarot Reading

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It's so hard to find love in today's crazy world. Are you trying to work the Law of Attraction in your favor? This spread will give you the tools to use it more effectively.

With this tarot spread you will get the answers to these:

  1. A card to represent a soulmate that you can manifest into your life
  2. How you can vibrationally attract this person into your life (like magnets)
  3. A way that you can be more open to receiving this person
  4. Something about this person that you're not expecting
  5. How you will meet this person
  6. What you will think about them upon meeting them
  7. How you will know this person is your soulmate
  8. How you can better understand the Law of Attraction

Doing this reading does not mean that you will get your soulmate tomorrow, but it gives you the tools to use the Law of Attraction in your favor.

This reading is jam-packed with information. (seriously, a lot of information!!!) Along with every tarot reading, I pull a Blessing Oracle card and an Animal Spirit Oracle card, I will also use a pendulum to answer questions if necessary; I will tell you if I do so - but if you have any yes/no/maybe questions you need answered, you can purchase a pendulum reading here, $1 per question!

When you purchase this tarot reading, I need a bit of information from you. Put the following information in your "note to seller". I need your full name, as much or as little information about yourself as you would like to give (such as date of birth, or anything else you would like to share, or even nothing at all) and the email address that you would like me to send the reading to.

Hope to speak to you soon!

Spread credit to Emerald Lotus Divination.