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Spooky Skull Bracelet & Earring Set

$25.00 USD

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Halloween/Samhain 2020 are just around the corner, so of course I had to make some spooky jewelry! This bracelet and earring set brings all the subtle ghoulishness of Halloween, so you can wear it not only on the spookiest day of the year, but on the other 364 days of the year too!

This bracelet and earring set are all black except for the splash of color that comes from the color changing beads when you turn them just right. The bracelet is made up of four large skull beads, along with a pattern of two size black/color changing beads. The earrings are made up of a smoky quartz gemstone, hanging below a large black bead, a silver spacer, and a different type of color changing bead than what is on the bracelet; it's still similar, it just has a little less black on it and it's a little more bright and colorful than the other ones.

I hope you like this set, whether you're looking at it on Halloween or not!