St. Patrick's Day Jewelry Collection

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I have a bunch of earrings available, two of the first type of bracelet (but I can make more) and one of the second type of bracelet (I don't have enough supplies to make any more of this one). So there are a few different ways that you can buy this in bundles, whether you buy both bracelets and earrings at once, one bracelet and earrings, and then the other version of bracelet and earrings.

As always, my earrings are on hypoallergenic stainless steel hooks, and I send you hypoallergenic latex-free rubber stoppers to put on the back of your earrings! Both bracelets are made on stretchy crystal string, so they're all one size fits all and can stretch to fit your wrist without snapping!

I hope you guys like these, and you can feel free to purchase these year round; I'm sure I'll have a surplus of green beads left, and probably still have some green jewelry left too!