Collection: Jewelry Collection

This is my jewelry collection, every piece of jewelry I've made is in here! Here's the list of the types of jewelry I make and a little bit of information on them all.
Wire wrapped jewelry including rings and pendants

I'm a novice wire wrapper, I make simple cute wire wrapped rings and what I call "Swirl Pendants", a style of pendant that I kind of came up with while messing around with some wire and a rough crystal. If you get either product with the Apple Aura Quartz Pendant or the Apple Aura Quartz Ring, those are both lucky, I have had multiple people come back and say my jewelry with this gem gave them good luck - it even got my friend a job she wanted!-

Lava bead jewelry including bracelets and pendants
I make some lava bead jewelry, including bracelets and pendants. Lava beads are so great because you can pour whatever essential oil you want into it and the scent and effects will stay with you for a few days! Right now the collection is pretty small, but I'm hoping to expand it soon.

Earrings are my favorite to make, which would explain why there's so many pairs on here! All of my earrings are on hypoallergenic stainless steel hooks, so if you're allergic to nickel or any metal, you can wear these without a reaction! I started making them because I'm allergic to all metals, and hardly anybody makes cute hypoallergenic earrings! These are REAL hypoallergenic earrings - not just nickel free, you can see some reviews on my earrings, with people saying that my earrings are the only ones they can wear!

You should also check out my Spring Earrings Collection (2020), which has all the cute, fun earrings that you can wear during the spring/summer to spruce up your outfits-


All of my bracelets are in this collection, from Lava Bead Bracelets, to Gemstone Bracelets, to just regular beaded bracelets. All of my bracelets are on stretchy crystal string, which is so strong it will not break no matter how much you pull on it! (but please don't test that out)-

Gemstone Jewelry

You can also check out my collection "Gemstone Jewelry" to find all the jewelry that I've made with gemstones, whether it be rings, pendants, or earrings!

    I take custom orders if you have an idea that you think I could create for you in the style you have in mind. Check out the Zebra Jasper Ring, that was a custom order from one of my customers, she also ordered a Zebra Jasper Bracelet, but that isn't currently on the website as I'm out of stock. I then made them into earrings! Just send me a message at the Contact Me page, or email me at Custom jewelry makes great gifts or a fun present for yourself!

    All gemstone jewelry is infused with positive energy.