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This is my ring collection, where you can find all the rings that I've made! My rings are handmade with either copper, silver, or sometimes even black wire wrapped around gemstone beads or rough crystals, depending on your style choice. Don't forget about all the ring bands wrapped with colored wire - with colors like pink, blue, green, orange, black and more, it really can make a plain ring into a wearable work of art! (Check out the Powerpuff Girls Collection for an example of this) All rings are made by me and are hand crafted with love and infused with positive energy. I make rings in sizes 5 to 12.

With some rings, you can custom order them in any size; just go to the drop down menu and select your size - even if it says "out of stock", you can still order it. You just won't receive your order as quickly as you would with a pre-made ring, because I'll be custom making a new one in your size and style choice. Just remember that not all crystals are the same, and all rings are unique. 

Some rings are one of a kind creations, they're only in the size I made them. I may be able to get more of the crystals I made them with to make more rings with, but sometimes, it just may not be possible to find another stone of that type.

I hope you all like my Rings!

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Blue Quartz Ring - Powerpuff Girls Collection
Hematite Ring
Rose Aura Quartz Ring
Apple Aura Quartz Ring - Powerpuff Girls Collection
Druzy Copper Ring Size 7 3/4
Opalite Ring
Rose Aura Quartz Ring - Powerpuff Girls Collection
Howlite Ring
Blue Dalmatian Jasper Ring