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Skincare Collection

Welcome to my skincare collection! In my skincare I use moisturizing butters, hydrating carrier oils, and enchanting essential oils to make your product just right. Sometimes I use other ingredients, like sugar, Aloe Vera, Epsom salt, Himalayan salt, or sea salt to boost the recipe up to it's fullest potential.

Some of my most popular items are the Jasmine Sugar Scrub, the Aloe & Green Tea Sugar Scrub, the Pain Reliever Bundle, and my personal favorite, Spoonless Witch's Moisturizing Mango Butter Lip Balm.

I hope you all enjoy these products I make, they're all filled with pure thankfulness and good intentions for the craft, the product, and for the kindness of the customer.

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Lavender & Eucalyptus Rise & Shine Salt Scrub
Spoonless Witch's Moisturizing Mango Butter Lip Balm (1 oz.)
From $12.00 - $45.00